Now days, air contamination has become such a drastic topic. Today lots of things we make, produce or use causes the air to pollute. If the air is polluted, global warming raise, less oxygen we will have and the sky wiil be full of dark smoke. Also if theres too much CO2 the ozone layer is going to break down causing skin problems in all of the human raze. So in few words one day we will destroy ourselves if we continuewith this actions.




In the last few years in Puebla 48 deaths are caused by the air pollution. The disease affect the respiratory system cauing cancer and lack of oxygen disease. San Pedro Cholula had increased its pollution on the streets and  with the creation of the new bridge, machines and dust had covered the air with smoke and dirt in all over the city.




Whe cant just remove the CO2 particules that are in the air, but we can stop from producing more. Some strategies we can use to avoid to pollute the air are:

  • Plant trees
  • Decrease us of cars
  • Motivate people to use alternative transport vehicles
  • Use electric cars
  • Avoid using spray
  • Use filters in factories
  • Decrease the use of fireworks

Make laws to prohibit the burn of trash

People need to know that they air pollution is a big deal. if we increase the CO2 particles, the ozone layer would be destroyed and it wouldn’t protect us anymore against UVA rays. Also the plate wil raise its temperature causing the poles to melt. So if the poles melt, our beaches would be in the city, and lots of animas living in the poles would probably extinct causing the alimentary chain to collapse.

This are more that enough reasons to try to save our planet. Imagine that in the next 50 years we replace gas cars for electric cars, stop the usage of sprays, stop burning of trees, use the bicycle as our first hand vehicle and plant al least 5 trees per each person. We would probably decrease in a considerable number the CO2 that is in our planet. We could stop global warming and stop the destruction of the ozone layer. Our planet would look one more time green and the poles will be ice. Animal’s wouldn´t have to extinct and the alimentary chain would stay intact and we could see again the beautiful skies in the city.


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